When facing a criminal prosecution

you need an attorney who has won your confidence and trust.  When you are facing criminal charges, make sure that your attorney is in a position to obtain the best result in your case.  The Ulrich Law Firm has the expertise and experience to protect your rights, and tirelessly advocates for its clients.  Call us today if The Ulrich Law Firm can help you in your time of need.

The Ulrich Law Firm is dedicated to protecting the rights of individuals and corporations facing prosecution or investigation in areas including: 

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The firm takes a comprehensive approach

in defending every case and is committed to ensuring that its clients are protected from the grinding wheel of the criminal justice system.  Each case is thoroughly prepared and aggressively litigated.  We protect the rights of our clients by providing an energetic, aggressive defense designed to achieve the best result possible while maintaining the highest standards of professional integrity. 

The experienced professionals at The Ulrich Law Firm truly understand that family legal matters present an array of challenges that can persist outside of the courtroom

Facing a criminal

or regulatory investigation or prosecution can be highly unsettling and fraught with uncertainty.  Few understand the life-long consequences that can result from a criminal conviction.  Collateral consequences can include the loss of civil rights such as voting and owning firearms, professional licensing revocation, and employment consequences. The Ulrich Law Firm stands ready with the skill, expertise, and energy to guide you through an often difficult situation. 

The Ulrich Law Firm

provides representation at all stages of criminal proceedings, from pre-charging investigations, to petitions for post-conviction relief and appeals.  The Ulrich Law Firm has extensive experience in the aggressive defense of criminal matters ranging from misdemeanor to felony offenses throughout the state of Arizona.  Walter Ulrich's experience includes the defense of individuals and corporations in complex criminal investigations in federal and state courts.  Walter and has the experience, expertise, and tenacity necessary to obtain the best possible result in each case.

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  • Pre-charging Investigations 

  • DUI/ DWI / Drunk Driving 

  • Drug charges: possession, sale, transportation, manufacture 

  • Theft Charges: shoplifting, theft, burglary, robbery

  • Fraud: mortgage fraud, securities fraud, mail fraud, wire fraud, identity theft

  • Violent Crimes: assault, domestic violence

  • Homicide

  • Weapons offenses

  • Vehicular Crimes

  • Traffic Offenses: criminal speed, aggressive driving, reckless driving, racing, driving on a suspended license

  • Professional Licensing Matters

  • Vacating a Criminal Judgment